Going Nose Blind

by denisebogan - April 8, 2015

Have you seen those Febreze commercials about going nose blind? How your home smells says a lot about you.

Just like in the commercials, we get used to the aroma in our own homes, but our guests definitely take notice. What does the smell of your home say about you? Are you worried about pet dander and odor?

Our guests come over and they notice the dusty surfaces or grease build-up on the kitchen walls that we have gone blind to. What about when they would like to use your bathroom? Do you cringe and worry about grime around your faucet or bathtub? How clean are your bathroom floors?

Why not make sure that it is taken care of properly? Just like at the dentist, regularly scheduled deep cleanings are an important part of overall health. A deep cleaning of your home offers the same promise. We guarantee our work and your complete satisfaction.

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