Keep Your Home Clean

by denisebogan - March 16, 2014

Tips To Help Keep Your Home Clean and Organized between Cleaning Visits from Us

  1. Keep a container of disposable wipes or a cloth handy for quick bathroom touch-ups of the sink and toilet.
  2. Cleaning kit. If you have multiple levels at your place of residence it’s a good idea to have cleaning basics available (can be kept under the sink in the vanity). For example a toilet bowl cleaner, multi-purpose disinfectant, wipes and a small container for rinsing the tub (if you do not have a removable shower head). I keep a spray bottle of vinegar which kills 99 % of bacteria.
  3. Dishwasher Empty as soon as the load is clean. Otherwise the dirty dishes end up in the sink which creates an extra job and clean up time before next meal prep.
  4. Multi sheet lint roller. Can be used not only to take lint/hair off of your clothing it’s perfect for furniture and can be rolled over your pet to take off loose hair
  5. Multi-task while talking on the phone. The quieter chores for example are appropriate such as loading/unloading washer/dryer, folding clothes, dusting, cleaning out your purse or briefcase, looking in the refrigerator and discarding items that you will not eat or are past the “use by” date, sorting through junk mail, “swiffer” the floor. For the seasoned talker these noisier tasks can be done but only with friends and/or family who love you unconditionally, you can load/unload the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, and do general tidying.
  6. Find items to donate. As part of your day if you come across an article of clothing or any other item you no longer need or want put it in a donate bag or basket
  7. Best household cleaning tip I have ever heard, “find someone else to do it.”
  8. Most of all enjoy your space. We do not live in museums. What makes each space special is how you make it a home. Having a clean, organized home creates a sense of well being. Feelings of well being promote good health – mentally and physically.

A few of my favorite things: Twist Loofah SpongeMrs. Meyer’s Clean DaySwifferMagic EraserVinegarNatural Furniture PolishCitrus Magic Air FreshenerClorox Green Works

You deserve the best. Treat yourself well